About Me

So, what the hell is going on you ask?

Well, there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing people piss away a good opportunity to actually do some real, valuable good for the Community of Glastonbury.

There are a number of entrenched folk in town who believe they have the right or hold the power to silence and censor others online, in the name of “the greater good” or simply hold a personal political stance or opinion of affairs and that their position is somehow representative or reflective of the Community of Glastonbury.

As a believer in truth, free-speech and meaningful solution-based discussion, AFG is an attempt to highlight the errors in us all. We are facing unmitigating times, with a carefully orchestrated attack upon the sovereign nations and free humans of this planet. The grand propaganda exercise is in full swing and, as technology finally catches up with the satanic intent to control the world (in a communist-style, technocratic, AI-controlled, transhumanist world, where 80-90% of the world’s population is exterminated – as we are considered insects by the ruling elite), we find ourselves in a markedly unique time.

A time that calls for a rapid positive change in human interaction and awakening, like none other before it.

Frustrating it is then, when these self-elected mouthpieces of the Community, fail to see the dire consequences of their action or inaction, especially when they profit from the sale of insipid and superficial insight into a Community far more complex than they care to perceive. If someone truly has an interest in the stories that shape this community, you’d hope for a degree of reasonable, investigaive, journalistic acumen and professionalism in both the observation and the querying of any presented narrative, especially ones that affect your local living environment – that is, after all, when most people should be inspired to act.

It was disheartening to see the effects of divide and conquer in town. There are a few who relish in the opportunity to be more cruel and angry, as it fits their broken character profiles already quite well. Give someone a few more paranoia-driven reasons to exclude and hate others and they’ve got a new REASON TO BE – to enact out the pain and suffering that has plagued their own psychology. Take the manager of Morrissons, give them a clipboard and a 2 metre distancing and mask rule to work with, then they’re in a position to abuse their power, and they do.

In Glastonbury, there’s been fluctuations in this tension. With characters like Glastonbury St. Benedicts ex-Councillor Clive Browning (now in jail) known for wanting to drag ‘hippy’ motorhomes away in his truck remembered by some as “The Growler” in the 90’s, to boy racer types throwing cups out of windows at anyone with long hair. Some locals embraced the new culture in all its guises, many made profitable businesses around the increasing interest Glastonbury was generating through-out the 70’s, right into the 21st century. Many locals, however, felt it a complete invasion in their community and had, probably legitimately, good reason to kick up a stink.

Whatever the truth may be, Glastonbury is a melting pot of curious stories, cultures, people and places but it’s always been under the same rule.

However, AFG does not pretend to know anything. Life is a tapestry of stories, and most of us have no idea how much stories come to effect us and direct the way we perceive and hence, behave.

Right now, we’ve been given a whole new bunch of very dark reasons to hate and fear our neighbours – when in fact, the truth is the opposite – and it’s a truth we must acknowledge and embrace quickly, as there is no more time after this war has ended.

So, AFG goals are:
To make you laugh.

We need to laugh more. AFG does have a stab at people, but if it wasn’t true in even a tiny way, it shouldn’t bother the target at all. If ANYTHING triggers you as the reader, then it’s up to you to understand in your own psychological mechanisms WHY and HOW you react to things. It is this very ABILITY of human nature that is so readily exploited by others.

Understand your emotional TRIGGERS, why and how they exist and what you do or say as a result of being triggered. If we don’t resolve our own feelings, we can never really BE present for others, as our own unprocessed shit gets in the way.

For most people, this is a journey too far, too quick – they cannot deal with the deconstruction of their own illusory, conditioned limitations, their carefully constructed universe that holds them in their comfort zones – after all, we’ve spent a lifetime perfecting the avoidance our own physical and mental discomfort, which includes looking at our own abuse and damage or directly projecting and externalising that damage out into the outside world as ‘drama’ that seldom resolves but enflames or perpetuates..

Within that trigger understanding, you’ll realise communication takes on a very different intensity and destination when you are actually OPEN HEARTED again. Free of prejudice, presumption and not coloured with the unfinished remnants of your own emotional pain.


By inviting people to examine themselves, then open up to the broader truth of peaceful, collective, abundant existence, free from the previous 130 years of cultural infection by satanic, power-hungry psychopaths, who have cleverly kept us all as slaves, unaware of our status, in the belief we are free (and many of us have lived very freely for decades – perhaps the pinnacle of human freedom for those lucky to be born into those times).

This draw and pull they have perpetuated upon us, to bring us to moral corruption, distract us with shiny glitter and bright lights, entertainment, material wealth, finance, politics: to keep us in the illusion of choice, fuelling controversy and labelling groups to help divide us – everything about this that is EVIL must GO – it’s just a choice, based on a realisation and taming of your OWN DARK POWER – YOUR capacity to KILL, MAIM, BE ANGRY, DESTORY and BLAME OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN SHORTCOMINGS – it’s a feeling we all have at some point, and have to deal with in our own way.

Our feelings are so deeply buried, we simply not aware of this stuff until we choose to look and be FEARLESS – we can do this if we HELP EACH OTHER and HOLD EACH OTHER TO ACCOUNT.

To reverse the tide of ignorance and mind control 

FACT: Divide and Conquer is the most efficient tool of invasion and assuming control of any Nation. There are so many historical examples of this, that it’s surprising people cannot extrapolate the most likely reasons for what the world is currently experiencing.

FACT: Mainstream Media is Propoganda owned and controlled by the same interests that profit from war, genocide, fraud, plundering and piracy.

FACT: The POLITICIANS and GOVERNMENT no longer WORK for you – they are CORRUPT – they work for PRIVATE, POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS  and CORPORATIONS. They must be replaced by a fair, representative system, if at all.

FACT: Covid-19 was a constructed false-flag against the world, planned for over 25 years based on previous forms and examples of mind control and fear-mongering dating back over 100 years, to bring about the planned NEW WORLD ORDER and GREAT RESET – in line with UN AGENDA 21/2030.

FACT: The most powerful people on the planet that belong to this CABAL of SATANIC WORSHIP organise via secret organisations – The COMMITTEE OF THE 300, BILDERBERG GROUP and BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI. It goes back to 30 families and bloodlines – now believed to be 14 families.

We’re not right about anything here at AFG – there’s nothing we can say to you that will pull you out of your own perceptive prison cell – we can only point the way and hold your hand as you walk bravely into the future.

Will you join us or do you have too much fear to act on your heart and greater intuition?

We are light and dark, we are one when both are in balance.